Custom Built Fender Telecaster Style Guitar

Fender American Select Telecaster Electric Guitar with OHSC
Fender American Select Telecaster Electric Guitar with OHSC
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Custom Built Fender Telecaster Style Electric


This instrument has been
custom built in the UK utilising both modern machining methods and traditional hand
craftsmanship, thereby allowing a superior blend of
accuracy and attention to detail to be encapsulated into one guitar. This
therefore creates an exceptional end result in terms of tonal performance and
construction quality. However, such achievements can also be attributed to
the following details:




The body of this unique Telecaster
guitar is made up of 2 pieces of sapele (this is similar in many ways to exotic
mahoganies) with a book-matched cherry top, which not only creates an
exceptional appearance but also offers highly sought after tonal qualities.
This is primarily due to the sapele having a constant density and uniform grain
pattern, which provides rigidity and therefore impressive response within the
low and midrange frequencies. Furthermore, the cherry’s density differs from
this in such a way that it also provides an excellent quality of response in
the midrange whilst also being highly effective in projecting high frequencies
as well. This consequently means that the cherry compliments the sapele to
create a well-balanced instrument. It is for this reason why such a combination
is seen in the highest quality custom built guitars.


Finally, this body
benefits from a high quality polished tung oil finish that has been prepared
for and applied by hand. The reason that this was chosen is because I believe
that it still provides the protection required due to the finish being absorbed
and curing within the materials surface layers (rather than just bonding to the
top of them) whilst also preserving and enhancing the natural beauty and
texture of them. This is certainly an aspect of the guitar that demonstrates
the unique levels of quality achieved.




The neck of this guitar
and its fingerboard is manufactured from maple due to the clarity it adds to
the sound of the pickups and body. However, another reason for this choice is
because an excellent satin finish can be achieved on it which enables it to be
played far more comfortably that one that is heavily lacquered. This is because
it is incredibly smooth and therefore allows players to effortlessly glide up
and down it. Nevertheless this benefit is significantly aided by its user
friendly C shaped profile and its 22 medium / jumbo sized frets. Such a
combination of features, once again, add to this guitars superior tonal
characteristics as well as its playability, however this is supplemented even
further with the use of a bone nut which adds to the sustain and clarity.




The most notable features of this
instruments hardware are its vintage style 6 saddle top loading bridge,
reminiscent of certain Fender Telecasters build in the late 50’s, and its Gotoh
SG381 MG locking machine heads. The reason for this is because these components
not only allow a precise and highly customisable setup to be achieved but also
provide long term stability and resilience to natural wear and aging. This can
be further explained by noting that the bridge allows fully 3D adjustment for
each string through each of its saddles, thereby enabled great control over
intonation and string action. Furthermore, the LUBRI-COAT lubrication
technology incorporated into the machine heads eliminates the need for
re-oiling and allows high levels of stability and smoothness to be achieved
within the tuning mechanisms which allows the guitar to stay in tune for longer
than its competitors. This is further aided by Gotoh’s “Rock Solid String Post”
concept, which stops unnecessary movement in the components. However, another
key benefit of these machine heads is that they have a locking mechanism
meaning that string changes can be performed quicker without the need for
excessive windings around the string post.


To add to
the functional benefits of the hardware selected, they also have the cosmetic
benefits associated with high end musical instruments. These are further
complimented by the matching chrome neck ferrules, strap pins, neck pickup
ring, control plate, knobs, jack mount and all fixings screws. This therefore
means that an extremely high level of overall appearance quality has also been
achieved for this guitar due to the combination of metallic and tonewood
components. This is further highlighted in the photos above. Nevertheless, for
the true beauty to be appreciated the instrument must be seen in person.

and Electronics


Whilst this guitar is
custom designed and built in many ways, it does feature the traditional
Telecaster pickup configuration of two single coils due to its well established
success and popularity. In this particular example, however, there is a Seymour
Duncan Quarter Pounder STL-3 in the bridge position for lead and a STR-3 in the
neck position for rhythm, which can be used individually or both at the same
time. Nevertheless, in each setting the player has full control over volume and


The reason that these particular
pickups have been chosen for this instrument is because of their ability to
provide a high output that strongly competes against the tones associated with
humbuckers and also their suitability for classic rock, country and blues based
styles. This is due to the stronger magnetic field created by the quarter inch
pole pieces used as well as a non-conventional coil winding, this also allows
vintage qualities to be maintained. In addition,
however, I felt that the level of quality I set out to achieve with this guitar
had to be met with pickups of the same level. Seymour Duncan’s were therefore
highly appropriate.




Back Material – 2 Piece Sapele

Top Material – Book Matched Cherry

Thickness – 44mm

Finish – Hand Applied Tung Oil


Material – Maple

Profile – C

Material – Maple

and Fingerboard Finish – Satin

Radius – 9.5”

– Black Dot

Nut Material
– Bone

at Nut – 42mm

Fixing – Bolt On

of Frets – 22 Medium / Jumbo

Length – 25.5”


Bridge – Late 50’s Vintage Style With 6 Saddles

Machine Heads – 6 Inline Gotoh SG381 MG, 1:16 Gear

Hardware Finish – Chrome


Pickup – Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder
STL - 3

Pickup – Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder
STR - 3

– Master Volume, Master Tone, 3 Way
Switch Selecting Rhythm, Lead or Both Pickups


– Ernie Ball Regular Slinky (Gauges 10,
13, 17, 26, 36 and 46)


– 2.9 kg


·      Note that this guitar also
comes with a free high quality hard case, however this particular specification
is a one off and therefore an opportunity to own a potentially collectable
instrument at a bargain price 

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