Fender Telecaster 1953

Fender Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar
Fender Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar
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I am selling my 1953 Telecaster that I have owned since 1974. It is all original ,frets,tuners pickups, nut, paint,case, all harware including all screws, signed Tadeo Gomez on body, Mary in the electronics cavity. This is the best investment in Vintage electgric guitars .Original poodle case. What else can I say this guitar will be up to 50K soon. I sell nothing but the finest guitars all from my own personal collection. Kent Armstrong one of finest pickup builders in the business has rewound the bridge pickup. It sounds incredible. I have saved the old windings. A replacement 53 bridge pickup currently goes for about 1K. The volume pot has been changed. The ash tray is from 1974. Here is a chance to own an original Tadeo made guitar, the neck and body being put together within 6 days of each other June 10 / June 16, 1953. The neck is not initialed but the body clearly shows TAD. I have the Blackguard book and it shows a '53 June body marked in this fashion TAD. I have a lot more hi res pics, e.g. electronics, frets, nut ,case, back of Tele, neck rear. etc
The rewind does not effect the sound of the pickup because the original magnet pole pieces have been retained. The original casing and wax coated cloth has also been reused in the rewind . Please call for any info Billy 802 365 9644

fender telecaster 328143206989247351 Fender Telecaster 1953

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